Different Kissing Game Your Sex Partner Will Love

Sex Partner

A different kissing game your sex partner might like to try is the French kiss. If you do not know what a French kiss is it is simply two people kissing each other. It can be used in many different situations. It is a great ice breaking game that will get everyone loosened up for sex. When it comes right down to it, most people are really turned on by the thought of being able to kiss someone else. If this is something you have never done then you should do it right away.

Asian escortssuggested, that to get started with the French kissing game you will need a couple things. First you will need someone to help you with the kissing game. You can use this as a face paint application or just a normal hard working person. Make sure that person is comfortable and that you are comfortable with them. You will also want something to use as a blindfold.

The next thing you will need is a piece of paper or cloth that you can place on top of your head. Place it so that it is like it is almost touching your eyes. Then you will want to put your tongue into your mouth and begin to lick your partner’s face. You can do this in a soft and slow way or you can speed it up as you feel ready. As you are licking your partner, you will want to make sure that your eyes are closed so that you do not wake them or anything.

You should focus on your lips and how they feel as you are kissing. You do not want to accidentally get your tongue stuck in your partner’s throat. Once you have gotten into the kissing game you will want to keep it going. In order to keep it going you will want to alternate between licking and kissing. This will give your partner an amazing sensation and will really get them going.

You will want to continue your kissing actions by moving closer together. This will create a feeling for the both of you that will lead to even more kissing. You will want to kiss your partner while playing with their neck, ears, back and other parts of their body. You may even want to start touching their breasts as you kiss them. Anything that feels good to you will help to get you and your partner excited about the game.

Remember, the key to the different kissing games is to be comfortable and to enjoy yourself. If you ever get tired or irritated you will lose the entire essence of the kissing game. Make sure you take your time, focus on your kissing and everything else that goes along with it and you will really have an amazing time.

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