Monkeys Blamed For Hundreds of Puppy Deaths Captured in India

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A video of two monkeys who allegedly killed more than 250 puppies in Maharashtra, India, has gone viral. People began claiming that the animals were carrying out a gang war against humans. A forest officer said that the incident happened because the dogs pooped on one of the monkeys’ babies. The monkeys then dragged the dead dogs to the top of trees and buildings and dropped them to their deaths.

According to a news report, two langur monkeys in Beed, India, were recently captured. The deaths of over 250 puppies have been blamed on the monkeys. Locals claim that the monkeys took the puppies to roofs and other heights where they starved to death. The village has since recovered from the tragedy, but locals are still worried about the future of the pups.

The incident occurred after the forest department in Maharashtra state captured two errant langurs. The monkeys snatched the puppies and dropped them to their deaths. The locals said the animal was retaliating for a dog attack that killed many of their pets. Some of the images that surfaced on social media were of the infants being carried by the monkeys. Both were eventually caught and released to a nearby forest.

The incident prompted a public outcry. A range forest officer said that the puppies were dragged by the monkeys from rooftops and thrown to the ground. While some people think the dogs died accidentally, others say they died because the monkeys had no food. It is unclear which caused the deaths. There is one official report that the puppies were dumped on the ground.

The monkeys were blamed for the deaths of at least 250 puppies in Lavool village in Maharashtra. The puppies were left on trees and roofs, and the monkeys threw them down. Fortunately, no one was injured and no evidence suggests that the puppies were killed by the monkeys. The village of Lavool has no more puppies left, but the village’s villagers say the animals were revenge killings.

In Beed, a villager reported that a monkey had been harassing his children for several months. The police captured two of the monkeys and released them in a nearby forest. The video soon went viral in India and started a “monkey vs. dog” trend. However, the villagers argued that the escaped monkeys killed the puppies. The victims of the incident include the children, dogs, and even the adults.

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